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Custom built luxury home

Revolutionizing a Custom Home Build: Our Comprehensive Transformation Journey

Taking over a house mid-construction, we embarked on a thorough overhaul. We removed inadequate hardwood flooring and tiles, upgrading showers and staircases that didn't meet code standards. Enhancing insulation was pivotal for better warmth retention. The exterior received a stunning makeover, featuring synthetic stucco and redesigned decks to...
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Oak Flooring and Decorative Handrail

Completing an interior remodel with newly installed oak hardwood floors called for a modern railing upgrade to enhance the overall transformation. Introducing a floating corner design, this innovative rail not only adds a fresh aesthetic to an existing home but also simplifies cleaning around it, offering both functionality and style. Read more

Tyco Remodel

Experience a stunning interior transformation in this Colorado Springs home. Following water damage due to a faulty toilet, the owners seized the opportunity to revamp the entire space. A comprehensive renovation unfolded, encompassing five bathrooms undergoing a complete overhaul, including new tile, flooring, countertops, and lighting fixtures. In a bid to enhance the aesthetic allure,...
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Restoring Fire-Damaged Home & Garage

Restoring Fire-Damaged Home & Garage: Reviving Your Space After the Black Forest Fire!

While the home survived, the garage fell victim to the Black Forest fire, leaving only a slab behind. Our innovative engineering approach introduced a monolithic slab over the existing one, framing a brand-new garage. The garage, expertly finished with stucco, features stylish windows...
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