Oak Flooring and Decorative Handrail

Completing an interior remodel with newly installed oak hardwood floors called for a modern railing upgrade to enhance the overall transformation. Introducing a floating corner design, this innovative rail not only adds a fresh aesthetic to an existing home but also simplifies cleaning around it, offering both functionality and style.

The standout feature of this new metal railing lies in its unique 'knuckles,' adding distinctive accents and character. To seamlessly blend with the revamped space, the newel post was meticulously crafted from Hickory, boasting a substantial 5" square design that perfectly complements the expansive interior.

Ensuring continuity throughout the house, the transition to the basement demanded a complementary touch. Hence, wood rails were replaced with graspable metal rails, harmonizing with the modern style and elevating the overall aesthetic cohesiveness.

Revitalize your home's interior with a thoughtful remodel, incorporating modern design elements like unique metal railings, stylish materials, and functional enhancements, delivering both visual appeal and practicality to your living space.

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