Main Services


Meet Client

We determine what you would like done.  There are very few things that are impossible, you just need someone to be willingly to tackle the job.  We are never afraid to tackle a challenging project. We can give you a rough estimate in order for you to know if you would like to proceed with getting a solid bid.


Project Analysis

“Once the contract is signed we get to work.  A schedule is drawn up so that you know what stage we are at.  You are kept in the loop, and we let you make decisions on all options, accessories, and design.


Architectural Plans

If you don’t have drawings yet for your project we have you meet with our architect and draw up plans for your new home or addition.


Your Dream

It is now complete!  You have a beautiful new home, designed to fit your lifestyle. Built with  quality products, finished by professional craftsmen so that you not only have a lasting product but a beautiful finish


Analysis Proposal

After you have your plans drawn we build a proposal for your design.  We get firm prices so you know what you will spend for your project.  Then a detailed proposal is presented.  It will be broken down so you know how much each element will cost.  Optional upgrades will be shown in this bid so you can customize anything you want.


Specialized Services


New Container Home

New Container Home

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — After 10 years of blissful marriage, Regan and Libby Foster wanted to build their dream home. Not brick, not frame, not logs. “Shipping containers were always intriguing to me,” Regan Foster said. Shipping containers have been steadily gaining...

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