Governors Bath

Revitalize your nearly 30-year-old 5-piece bathroom with a comprehensive update, focusing on modernization and functionality. While the knotty alder cabinets, Crema Marfil tile, and Empress Green counters maintained their allure, the outdated jacuzzi tub became a point of concern due to neglect and potential mold issues.

The transformation commenced with the removal of the old tub, followed by expertly capping plumbing lines and meticulously custom-cutting and installing Crema Marfil tile to seamlessly blend with the existing aesthetics. To address missing components, custom cabinets were crafted to perfectly match the existing ones, introducing a new makeup counter and a much-needed linen closet.


The addition of a matching Empress Green marble mirror casing, though a challenge to source, was successfully installed, enhancing the bathroom's cohesive design. Introducing a functional touch, a custom-made 'lazy susan' incorporated into the design provides convenient storage for makeup and essentials.

With the tub removed and cabinets added, a modern shower glass enclosure became imperative. Opting for a complete overhaul, a new glass enclosure featuring glass corners and shelves revitalizes the space, avoiding dated and filmy appearances.

Transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional haven with a complete remodel, blending contemporary design elements, expert craftsmanship, and thoughtful additions to maximize both aesthetics and utility.

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