I am a civil engineer with 30+ years of construction experience, Jackson Rathert has performed home/ranch construction for me in both a general contractor role and specific project capacity at various times during the last 3 years. Part of the job was having him remodel the basement which included a new bathroom and repairs to the original framing.

We also had our siding removed during which Jackson revealed that the osb on the walls was not properly nailed so he made sure that everything was up to code before the new siding was installed.  During the process he also discovered the walls had rot in them and rebuilt the walls that held our windows.

He also straightened beams in the porches to remove sags in the original framing. The scope of the home projects were significant and they have ranged from large scale, new construction, to full remodel covering all aspect of residential and building structures and associated sub-constructors. Total related construction expenditures during the time frame have exceeded $300,000 with quality results. Additional project activity is planned for Jackson to perform.

Cal Crawley, Consultant