A home should be a place of comfort and beauty, but for one couple, their residence lacked the space and modern amenities they desired. We stepped in to help them add on to their house to include everything they wanted in a home.

The house was plagued by several issues. The master bedroom was small and lacked an ensuite bathroom. The kitchen was cramped, and there was no designated space for dining. The living room skylights were outdated and in need of a new look.

Based on the homeowners’ needs, we added a 16′ x 31′ extension to the home, as well as a full-length deck and a covered patio behind the garage. The kitchen was relocated to the extension, now accompanied by a spacious dining area and a cozy family room.

We were also able to bring a facelift to existing parts of the home. A custom tile entry now greets visitors as they step inside, leading to beautiful hardwood floors that extend from the entry to the family room. Soft arches elegantly guide guests from one room to another, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.

One of the most striking changes involved the living room. Those dated skylights were replaced with a modern clerestory window design. Using the original framing, we were able to add a gabled roof to accommodate the new Pella windows which flood the living room with natural light.

The new master bath is a true sanctuary. It features a freestanding tub, perfect for soaking in after a long day, and a see-through fireplace, setting the mood for romantic evenings. A new shower was also added with niches for convenience.

It was a real pleasure to work on this project, especially since I had my best assistant getting his start on this project with his first tool pouch and tools!

The transformation of this home is truly striking. From a cramped and outdated space, it has become a haven of modern comfort and aesthetic beauty.

If you’re facing similar space issues or dreaming of your own home transformation, consider the possibilities. Reach out to Regal Custom Builders for expert guidance and turn your vision into reality.